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These 17 Facts About Indian Army’s 240-Year-Old Rajputana Rifles Will Make You Proud

1. Raised in its current form in 1921, the Rajputana Rifles is the senior-most rifle regiment of the Indian Army.
2. Before 1945, it was known as the 6th Rajputana Rifles because it was formed by merging six previously existing British Indian Army regiments.
3. The Rajputana Rifles has been primarily involved in conflicts against Pakistan.
4. It was also a part of the UN Custodian Force in Korea in 1953-54 and UN’s Congo Mission in 1962.
5. The regiment was actually raised in 1775, when the then East India Company realised the valour of Rajput warriors and recruited them to protect its operations.
6. The first local unit thus raised was named 5th Bombay Sepoys. It was later re-designated as 9th Bombay Sepoys in 1778. The regiment was re-designated a further five times before its final shape in 1921.
7. 2 Rajputana Rifles was the first of seven Indian Army units to receive an official citation for their bravery during the Kargil War in 1999.
8. Its motto is Veer Bhogya Vasundhara which means “The brave shall inherit the Earth”.
The battle cry of the Rajputana Rifles is Raja Ramchandra ki Jai.

10. Other than Rajputs, Rajputana Rifles has a a high concentration of Jats, Ahirs, Gujjars and Muslims.
11. About 30,000 soldiers of Rajputana Rifles died in the First and Second World War.
12. Their insignia is composed of a medieval Rajput weapon, Katar, and a bugle.
13. The Rajput Regiment and Rajputana Rifles are two different army units.
14. The Rajputana Museum in Delhi showcases the rich history of this unit. It is also rated as the finest military museum in India.
15. Company Havaldar Major Piru Singh Shekhawat of the 6th Battalion Rajputana Rifles was posthumously honoured with the Param Vir Chakra in Indo-Pak war of 1948.
16. The Rajputana Rifles also have the distinction of being a recipient of six Victoria Crosses earned in pre-independence era.
17. Members of the Rajputana Rifles often sport this unique moustache.
Pakistan hates and fears the brave soldiers of Rajputana Rifles so much that they beheaded one soldier of 13 Rajputana Rifles in an attack on January 8, 2013.

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5 Lesser Known Facts about Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was a great Hindu ruler of Mewar. Almost everybody knows his struggle and his determination to keep the foreign invaders away from his motherland. India’s first freedom fighter, Maharana Pratap was the only Rajput ruler of the 16th century who continued to defy Akbar. In addition, here today I will reveal some lesser known facts about this great warrior.
1. Maharana Pratap once thought of submitting himself to Akbar
During his struggle in the jungle, Maharana Pratap and his family had nothing to eat. It was during this time, they ate rotis made of grass. However, there came a moment when even the cat stole Mahanrana’s daughter’s roti which made him think to submit himself to Akbar. During that instance, he had his own moments of self doubt and so he wrote to Akbar regarding his submission plans.
Akbar was so happy hearing this that he gave the letter to PRITHIRAJ, another Rajput poet and warrior who was working under Akbar. Prithiraj wrote back to Maharana Pratap, giving him the strength and in a way trying to tell that, “Don’t join hands”. This letter made him reverse his decision of submission.
2. Maharana Pratap took financial support from his minister Bhama Shah after the famous Haldighati war
After the Haldighati war, Pratap Singh’s army became weaker and weaker due to the continuous Mughal attacks, finally there came a moment when Pratap no more had money to keep his army. However, his minister Bhama Shah came to his rescue when he gave all his wealth to Maharana Pratap. Pratap with the help of this money could then support his army of 25000 soldier for a good 12 years.
This help from Bhama Shah not only gave Pratap a financial backing but moral and emotional support because, after witnessing the pain of his soldiers he was losing the spirit to fight Akbar.

Bhama Shah Stamp
3. Maharana Pratap had 17 sons and 5 daughters from 11 wives
Pratap Singh had 11 wives. Ajabde Punwar daughter of Rao Ram Rakh Panwar was his first wife. Maharana Pratap’s successor Amar Singh was the son of Ajabde Punwar. Apart from Ajabde Punwar, he had 10 more wives – Solankhinipur Bai, Champabai Jhati,  Jasobai Chauhan, Phool Bai Rathore, Shahmatibai Hada, Khichar Asha bai, Alamdebai Chauhan, Ratnawatibai parmar,  Amarbai Rathore and Lakhabai. In all, Maharana Pratap had 17 sons and 5 daughters.
4. Maharana Pratap Rebuked Amar Singh for arresting women from the enemy camp
At one point of time all the women folk of Rahim Khan-e-Khana along with a Mughal officer felt in the hands of Amar Singh.He arrested all the women and brought in front of Maharana Pratap. During this time, Rahim Khan-e-Khana was actually campaigning against Maharana Pratap and was getting ready to assualt the Mewar raja. However, when Maharana got to know about the arrest of the women from the enemy camp, he immediately rebuked his son Amar Singh for arresting them and at once gave the orders of setting them free and escorting them till their camp.
This gesture melted Khan-e-Khana’s heart so much that he refused to campaign against such a kind-hearted king. Khan-e-Khana was the son of Bairam Khan and so Akbar was his foster father. He is none other than the Rahim das we know, a ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

Akbar Greeting Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khana in Akbarnama
5. Maharana Pratap refused to back stab Man Singh, the Commander in Chief of Mughals

Once Maharana Pratap through his Bhil spy got to know that Raja Man Singh along with few hundred soldier is hunting in the jungle. It was very easy for Maharana Pratap to defeat Man Singh here in the jungle when he was out on a hunting spree with only few soldiers. However, Maharana Pratap straight away refused any attacks on Man Singh, and said he shall handle Man Singh in the battlefield rather than back stabbing him.

Weapons Of Rajput Warriors

All Facts and History of The Great Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Life History
Freedom lover Rajput king Maharana Pratap was born in Mewar state of Rajputana’s on jyestha sudi troyodasi, sawant 1596, 31 May 1539 in Sisodiya Vansh. Mewar Maharana Udai Singh Ji and his wife Jyanta Devi was the parents of Maharana Pratap. on 28 February 1572 coronation of Maharana took place.
अवर नृप पतशाह अगै, ह़ोय भृत जोडे हाथ,
नाथ उदेपुर नम्यो , नम्यो अर्बुद नाथ।
During coronation of Maharana Pratap
All the kings stood with folded hands in his service, But only two kings, Rana Pratap of Udaipur and Maharao Surtan Singh’s of Aburd Pradesh Sirohi did’t bowed her head.
King Maharana Pratap Singh and Maharao Surtan being both a ruler of the state, To protect the palaces, They leave the Royal comfort and luxury and they went to the hilly forest area and wander into caverns.
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Maharao Surtan Singh ruled the Sirohi district for 5 years, But after the 5 years Akbar sent the army to attack on sirohi. Maharao lost the war, But he did not accepted dependency. He went to the mount Abu. From there by taking the chance he attacked on mugal army many time. Many time Sirohi come into his possession but later Muagal again attacked on sirohi. Finally, he re organized his army and attacked on Mughal army, He killed the mugal army officer Syed Hakim and he gain the possession of sirohi district again.
The Haldighati war was began by Maharana Pratap and Mughals. Dated 18 October 1583 Rao Surtan Singh come down from Mount Abu, and at the famous place Dttnai, He attacked on Mughals, Thus Rao Surtan Singh was helping the Maharana Pratap to resist the Mughals.
In fact, Mararao Surtan Singh was gathering the army of Bhil and Garasion tribal at the mountains of Pindwara, Vasntgarh and ABu. Maharao continuously attacking on Mughal army using Guerilla warfare at the valleys of Gogunda of pindwara mountain ways. Mughal army was going to attack on Mewar by using the route of valleys of Gogunda.
Maharana Pratap war with an army of Emperor Akbar in the Haldighati field, then the Maharao Surtan Singh Devda drove out Emperor Akbar’s army from the Datrani battlefield.
Maharana Pratap fought with the Mughals continued life and did not accepted submission, so also its 51 year life span Maharao Surtan does 52 wars.
इक्यावन बरस जीवियो बनाढ , जीतो निज बावन महाराड़